About Us


JFC Training College is Further & Higher Education institution offering students a wide range of high quality UK recognised qualifications. Our Mission is Trainer of Excellence for Excellence. We provide a flexible, broad and challenging academic programme for each individual student. JFC Training College is located at Peckham, London, one of the most vibrant cities in the world to study and live in.

JFC Training College offers Courses in IT, Business Management, HealthCare, Customer Service, Security and many moreOur courses at JFC are accredited by recognized bodies. Our style and approach is interactive, enjoyable and intensely practical. Our approach is highly adaptable and flexible to suit students needs.

To achieve this we have designed our programmes to include a balance of theory, role-play, group discussion, feedback sessions and one to one interaction with the teacher. We are able to guarantee this, as we believe in limiting numbers on our programmes, allowing us to focus on the precise needs of participants.

At the end of each programme we give our students the opportunity to provide feedback on the course content and the teachers. The management team studies this feedback and our teachers to ensure high standards are maintained. JFC's training will stimulate and challenge you, enabling you to return to your organisation with a fresh new perspective and inventive new ideas, for development and sharing with colleagues and for practical implementation.