GCSE Maths Revision

Title GCSE Maths Revision
Course Code GM2017
Duration Ongoing
Course Type Fulltime/Parttime
Course Details GCSE Maths revision. We offer revision on evenings and weekends. We will prepare you for your exams in May/June 2018. You can also sit your GCSE Maths exams with us. We are an AQA accredited centre.
Course Content The course will focus on the topics that you want to revise and those that commonly cause students difficulty, from the following topic areas: Number: Multiples, Factors, Prime numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Rounding numbers, Estimating, Surds. Algebra: Algebra basics, Powers and Roots, Multiplying out brackets, Factorising, Solving equations, Rearranging formulas, Factorising quadratics, Completing the square, Algebraic fractions, Sequences, Inequalities, Graphic inequalities, Iterative methods, Simultaneous equations, Proof, Functions. Graphs: Straight lines, Gradients, Intercepts, Coordinates and ratio, Parallel and perpendicular lines, Quadratic graphs, Solving equations using graphs, Graph transformations, Real-life graphs. Ratio proportion & rates of change: Ratios, Direct and inverse proportion, Percentages, Compound growth and decay, Unit conversions, Speed, Density, Pressure. Geometry & measures: Angles, Parallel lines, Polygons, Triangles and quadrilaterals, Circle geometry, Congruent shapes, The four transformations, Area and perimeter, 3D shapes, Enlargements and projections, Loci and construction, Bearings, Measures, Pythagoras’ theorem, Trigonometry, The Sine and Cosine rules, Vectors. Statistics & probability: Probability basics, Counting outcomes, Probability experiments, The AND/OR rules, Tree diagrams, Conditional probability, Sets and Venn diagrams, Sampling and bias, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency tables, Box plots, Histograms, Time series, Scatter graphs, Comparing data sets.
Course Assessment GCSE Maths Exams May/June 2018
Entry Requirement Not applicable
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